Luminous Antonio

Author of Integrative Archaeology, the essential guide to Sacred Sites and Power Places.


Integrative Archaeology

The essential guide to Sacred Sites and Power Places.

Arriving at Sacred Places

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About The Book

Sacred Places contain the hidden knowledge of these distant pasts and it is here that we can reclaim our multidimensional wholeness.

Our senses tingle with a curiosity about what lies beyond this physical and visible world, what else exists that we cannot see. The Great Mystery, invisible worlds, ancient and future wisdom and our intergalactic beginnings remain cloaked in mystery—yet each of us holds a unique piece of this intricate human puzzle.

The realm of Eternal Divine Self conveys a knowing of the existence of something larger than this life. A goddess, a god, religion, something to believe in, a faith, exceptional wisdom or a being more extraordinary than ourselves—all exist to nourish our need to aspire to something greater. Sacred Places have always been the locations and repositories for such yearnings.

They hold a wealth of information about our hidden history, keys to our true nature that reveal path-ways to our future as a species. Archaeology and history continue to revise ideas of the earliest civilizations based on new discoveries and evidence. The truth is, we are much older as a species, have been on the planet longer than our histories tell us and have created civilizations that are yet to be raised from the dust or the depths of the oceans.

Integrative Archaeology bridges the gap between Traditional Archaeology and Alternative Archaeology. It offers a spiritual path because humanity’s journey from its unknowable distant beginning has been a spiritual one

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