About Luminous


A lifelong world traveler and researcher of ancient archaeological and sacred sites, Luminous Antonio first published Integrative Archaeology in 2012.

Since then the book has been updated to reflect increased knowledge. The book available today is the most recent version. Integrative Archaeology is the definitive guide for visitors to sacred sites and power places.

In 2012 Luminous Antonio founded Integrative Archaeology Foundation 501(c)(3). The Foundation is dedicated to supporting indigenous people sustain their wisdom, ceremonies, language, traditions and existence.

An innovator in using Tibetan Crystal Bowls and voice harmonics, Antonio also founded X-Static Sound Research & Development in 2012.  The company focuses on the healing properties of sonics, which is now widely recognized as a vital healing modality.



Luminous Antonio’s entrepreneurial achievements span a life-time beginning at age 18 when she brokered 18th-20th century European and American paintings, period furniture, handmade carpets, fine art and jewelry through Sothebys, Christies, Doyle’s and other auction rooms in New York.

After moving west, she furthered her art education earning two degrees (Painting and Performance/Video) at the San Francisco Art Institute. Work by Luminous Antonio has been collected, shown and performed in numerous galleries, art centers and other public places.


Through her new platform LuminousAntonio.com, Luminous Antonio has consolidated over five decades of research and life-experience into a body of knowledge she terms Integrative Archaeology – “the quest for what lies beneath”.

The seasoned seeker or simply the curious will discover an array of invaluable tools, resources and products aimed at developing a Higher Form of Consciousness through an active interaction with Sacred Places. As Luminous Antonio states:

Sacred Places allow spiritual communication—are human freeways to remembrance of our Eternal Divine Self.

In an age of pushing frontiers Luminous Antonio’s body of work is timely. This information will take you into the eye of time itself, to the most fascinating place in the universe – You.